Gabor Fetter(Botond FM) MicroMaze v1.00

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    Labyrinth games are maybe the best time killers: You guide a ball through a maze just with tilting the phone. MicroMaze attempts to be the best of them with sophisticated graphics, physics and unique gameplay. Challenge your skills and have many hours of fun with 81 challenging levels in 6 worlds!
    AAS Review:
    Let's be honest here, some marble games can be a bit woolly in their handling and not feel like a real simulation. That's not the case here, MicroMaze is one of the smoothest implementations of the genre I've ever seen on Symbian OS.
    It's clear that Fetter knows how to program a game so that it keeps on rewarding the player. There's no feeling of grinding through the numbers, it just stays fresh right until the end. Like most marble games though, it's tough to feel any replay value (beyond passing it to the kids in the back seat of a car journey... which is just evil). There are also enough levels in here to make it great value for money. Definitely recommended.
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