My E1 is DEAD???!!!

Discussion in 'P2K Series' started by chandraadiguna, Dec 30, 2009.

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    My E1 now is using Bootloader 07.DO,the problem is, it can't turn on Bootloader normaly??but it can detected on PC normaly,when l restore backup using FB 3.0.7 as always FAIL in SENDLOADER???but it's can install from CG1 s/d till end normaly??when l use FB 2.62 still the same problem SENDLOADER FAIL??PLS CHECK PDS VALID??but the diffrent is,it can't install CG1 till end??l already make backup on FB 2.62 such as PDS Backup..RESTORED..WRONG IMEI??&FULLBACKUP,Bootloader Backup it's all CAN'T BE RESTRORED???!!!ALWAYS FAIL SENDLOADER???PLS CHECK PDS BACKUP VALID??till l've tired using another option like using RSD LITE,p2k easy tools,RamLDR the result is ALWAYS ERROR??,so... pls tell me how 2 make my E1 back to normal again??pls??thanks 4 your Solution&Respond...Staytune...,ini posting sy di Modmymoto...

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