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    FTPRush v1.0.0.610 Unicode

    Key Features:

    - Tabbed interface, multiple connections on FTP servers
    - Runtime Customization and Integrated Docking of Main Interface, D.I.Y your favorite interface with Office 2000/ XP/2003 style.
    - Transfer files from or to FTP servers or FXP(site to site transfers), easily drag and drop files via Explorer-like interface.
    - Build-in powerful Task Manager, easily schedule your jobs.
    - Multi-language support, it's easy to translate to your native language and share to others without recompile the execute file.
    - Proxies support: Socks4, Socks4A, Socks5, HTTP tunnel...
    you can create many proxies and switch between them by a simply 1 mouse click.
    - SSL connections support: AUTH SSL, AUTH TLS, Implicit SSL
    - Auto checking SFV file list when downloading, and genarate report
    - Build-in multiple file rename tool, for fast renaming couple of files
    - Cache FTP folders, to speed up browsing
    - Transfer files with build-in SkipList and AllowList, Wildcard and Regular Expressions support.
    - List and view files/directories with customized colors.
    - IdentD Server support.
    - Integrated Script Engine(Pascal script), you can write script for lots of FTP Events(OnLogin/OnLogout/OnFileDownloaded...),
    - Manually Download files, it supports a increasement for file name.

    Other Features:

    - Build-in FTP command for Serv-U/RaidenFTPD/ioFTPD/glftpd
    - Finding files at FTP server, the advanced file-find feature allows you to search files on the server, just same as you do at local drive.
    - "Keep Alive" to avoide be kicked from FTP servers
    - Force uploading/download with Active-Mode(PORT) if you can get maximize speed with some specially local port
    - Test availability of all of your FTP servers with 1 mouse click
    - Make bookmarks for FTP servers and local folders
    - Export recursive directory tree of FTP servers and save it to a text file
    - Limit upload/download speed when transfering files
    - You has limited account logins, no problem, you can setup Max. Total/Upload/Download logins for each FTP server
    - You do need to use !username to kill ghost connection, login with SHIFT key pressed do the same thing for you
    - Too hard to browse a FTP directory with lots of folders? with the MARK as BOLD and Odd/Even row background color all are so easily
    - Support Adding multiple host/port to a single FTP server and switching them on the fly

    Unicode Version is for WindowsNT4/2000/XP/2003 Only
    ANSI Version works on Windows98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003



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