Downfall v2.8.5-Retail-Signed-Kryak

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    Norbyte Downfall v2.8.5

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    A fun 3D falling-blocks game!

    Guide the falling blocks using swipes and taps to form same colored lines in this action packed puzzle game.

    There are over 30 game variations, with special blocks (like dynamite sticks, snow shovels etc.) and different designs.

    The game features smooth 3D animations and realistic physics, with ejected blocks flying towards you and the game area swaying every time you drop a stack of blocks.

    The user interface has been specially designed for touchscreen devices, and has no visible buttons that obscure the gameplay.
    Instead it uses vertical and horizontal swipes and invisible 'buttons', all of which are explained within the game.

    •Touchscreen UI.

    •Smooth 3D graphics using OpenGL ES.

    •Realistic physics engine.

    •Supports fullscreen in both portrait and landscape mode.

    •Symbian native app.

    •Over 30 different game variations.

    •Save game support.

    supplied by: Kryak

    Download Here

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