Read here - ACP-12x Safety changes for BB5 Box

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    Read here - ACP-12x Safety changes for BB5 Box >>>>>> Read here - ACP-12x Safety changes for BB5 Box <<<<<<
    Because more users encountered problems with ACP-12x power supply of BB5 Box (this power go ONLY to phone battery pins), here is new SAFETY RULES:
    1. First, try to unlock phone WITHOUT any charger/supply plugged on BB5 Box ACP-12 female connector. On more BB5 Nokia phones is enough power from USB port only.
    2. If you encounter errors like: phone not turn on in Local/Test mode, phone turn on but only for short time, strange errors on unlock even if you connected well testpoints and GND, that means you shuld "add" some power supply for such phone (USB is not enough). In this case, you should supply BB5 Box on ACP-12 female connector with some external power. From our tests, phones who SURE need external power supply are: N95, 3109c, 3110c. All other supported models work on our PC's without need of an external power supply.
    3. On current PCB revision, there is no limiter/stabilizer on phone supply path. We will try to change in next PCB revisions, but now on current delivered boxes, there is no one, so you SHOULD BE VERY CAREFULL with supply input voltage on ACP-12 connector!!!
    4. If you need to apply power supply to BB5 Box ACP-12 connector, please NO MORE USE an Nokia ACP-12x charger. From more user reports, seems NOT ALL this chargers give same output voltage, even if it is Original Nokia from brand new phone boxes. So, there is two ways to supply BB5 Box on ACP-12 female connector:
    • FIRST OPTION: Supply from any STABILIZED power adaper or regulated power source with 5 Volts and 500-1000 mA
    • SECOND OPTION: Open your box and make changes shown in this link: For that, you will need one LM7805 stabilizer IC. Hope picture details is clear enough. You have to desolder D2 diode on Anode pin and "inject" here LM7805 chip as is shown in picture. The middle pin of LM7805 (who is ground) will be soldered with small wire to Negative pin of C26 (here is nearest ground point of BB5 Box PCB).
    We hope if you follow this you no more have any BB5 "dead phone" because of bad ACP-12x chargers.
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