The One Ring 7 (Theme windows 7)

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    Patches your windows 7 if you have not patched it yet to run non Micosoft theme's

    Thoosje Logon Editor Installer:
    Edit your logon screen using this app. thanks to him
    Screen Saver:
    The One Ring - Not sure who the original creator for this is but god bless them.
    Thank you!!

    You can now install your theme and the system files aside from timedate.cpl
    using this nice little program. he told me he will include timedate.cpl on v2.0.

    Black Glass Enhanced v0.5:
    This theme works with and with out the included Black Glass Enhanced v0.5 that works
    only with dark colored theme's.just install from the "extra" folder.
    (thanks to curiouso9 from deviantART)

    System files:
    Part of the theme that has to be installed by you.
    only the 5 "system files" that you will have to take ownership of in order to change.
    or use windows themes installer v1.1
    ( 3 files in the system 32\ x86 x64 folders, x86 = 32bit OS, x64 = 64 bit OS..)
    the 3 system files are located in the "system 32" folder and full instructions
    are in the "Read Me" file in there.
    1.The System Clock (timedate.cpl)
    2.Control panel images (shell32.dll)
    3.Welcome image's in control panel (OobeFldr.dll)
    4.Navagation and Animation (ExplorerFrame.dll)
    5. Windows Media player Skin (wmploc.dll) still learning this one.

    Start Orb:
    The start Orb's image's were created by me,
    the start Orb set's were created by using the
    StartOrbz_v1_0a_by_Blizo application included in it's own folder.
    two types were created ( 1 X and 1 orb in all sizes and types)
    full instructions are in the "Start Orb Read Me" included in the Start Orb
    folder. (thanks to blizo from deviantart) these orbs also work on other theme's nicely.

    Also included is Windows 7 Start Orb Changer by_Kishan_Bagaria

    Note: both these programs can be buggy but they are way easier than
    trying to open your explorer with restorator, just run the one you

    like best, don't try to use them both at the same time that could
    cause your system to lock or crash explorer.

    The theme its self installs from the included theme.exe but the other system files
    should be changed to get the full look for the theme.
    All images included in this theme were created by me including 3 wallpaper's and all
    other images. (other walls are just some nice Movie Posters that fit this theme)
    Credit to the original artists on those.

    Download speed will be faster if you buy premium account HotFile One click file hosting

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    link nya dah tewas boss .... :eek: :eek: :eek:

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