Spiderman does not work

Discussion in 'Spiderman Box' started by manishp, May 3, 2010.

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    Hello please.

    I'm trying to backup/update my phone.

    I connect my cable to com3 and match baud rates. Click on Read then save the screen

    [MTK] Open COM3 success!
    Press ON/OFF key please....

    and does not go any further.
    I've tried all the combinations I can think of
    phone off cable out
    phone on cable out
    phone off cable in
    phone on cable in
    et c

    then pressing the ON/OFF button but nothing happens??

    I've tried different versions of spiderman.

    My phone is a clone of the Sciphone as it does not show Sciphone on boot up and has 2008 printed on the inside.

    any advise would be appreciated



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