koleksi untuk pecinta photo (only 10 stock)

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    video tutorial about photography

    a review of studio product photography tricks a.flv
    Boko Princes Temple 02.flv
    Boko Princes Temple 03.flv
    Episode 6 _ DIY Studio Product Lighting Tricks.flv
    Episode 13 _ Beautiful Photo Studio Portraits w_ One Light.flv
    Episode 14 Classic Three Light Portrait _ Photo Studio.flv
    Episode 25_ Outdoor Portraits #1.flv
    Essex & Suffolk Artistic Wedding Photography Photographer Jeff Turnbull.flv
    Glamour Casting Head Shot.flv
    Home Studio Shoot 19.11.08 (first studio test).flv
    How to Photograph a Model- Photo Studio Tips - How to Make Model Glamorous for Photo Shoot.flv
    How to Photograph a Model- Photo Studio Tips - Using Degrees to Adjust Camera White Balance.flv
    Learn Photography- The Main Light.flv
    Long exposure technique - Quick Shots .flv
    Master of Photography Pavel Shpak Production.flv
    Milwaukee Strobist Meetup.flv
    Natural Light Portraiture.flv
    Photography 1 on 1- Episode 5.flv
    Photography Lighting Tips- GRIDS with lighting.flv
    Photography Lighting Tutorial- Strip Lighting Light Tec Tip.flv
    Photography Tutorial - studio lighting in your home - DIY.flv
    Popular Photography Digital Days Photo Tips - Taking better pictures using Light.flv
    Portrait lighting using an Umbrella vs a Softbox.flv
    Shaping the model with light.flv
    Southern NH strobist Meetup II.flv
    Studio Lighting Tutorial - Understanding Light Modifiers by Light Tec Dallas.flv
    The Portable Portrait Workshop.flv
    Tips & Tricks for a Professional Photographer ENG version.flv
    Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting - Photography Tips by Karl Taylor Photography.flv
    Tips on Understanding Light - Photography Tips by Karl Taylor.flv
    Via Marie Studios Featuring Kelly Kaye.flv
    wedding photography.flv
    Behind the Scenes with Joel Grimes-Salton Sea.flv
    Canon Speedlites with Photographer Joel Grimes.flv

    Digital Camera World
    -Digital.Camera.World.Spring.Special. 2010 UK.pdf
    (capture shot for HDR)
    -Digital Camera World 2010-04 UK.pdf
    (Flash made easy, master fill in flash)
    -Digital Camera World 2010-03 UK.pdf
    (Get creative with indoor nature shots)
    -Digital Camera World 2010-02 UK.pdf
    (Master coastal landscapes)
    -Digital Camera World 2009 Autumn UK.pdf
    (Creative landscapes)
    -Digital Camera World 2009-12 UK.pdf
    (Still lifes at home)
    -Digital Camera World 2009-11 UK.pdf
    (Mastering Motocross)
    -Digital Camera World 2009-10 UK.pdf
    (Shoot better potraits)
    -Digital Camera World 2009-09 UK.pdf
    (Ring flash macro)
    -Digital Camera World 2009-01 UK.pdf
    (Shoot family portraits at home)
    -Digital Camera World 2008 Autumn UK.pdf
    (Shoot striking silhouettes)
    -Digital Camera World 2008-10 UK.pdf
    (Nude art image)
    -Digital Camera World 2008-06 UK.pdf
    (Improve your composition technique)
    -Digital Camera World 2008-07 UK.pdf
    (Better child portraits)
    -Digital Camera World 2007-03 UK.pdf
    (Make cash with your camera)

    photo program (plugin,atn,brush,etc)
    Lucis Pro.v5.0.3
    Lucis Art v2.04
    Nik Software Color Efex Pro v3.1.0.1
    Nik Software Dfine v2.0
    Nik Software Sharpener Pro v3.001
    Nik Software Silver Efex Pro v1.003
    Nik Software Viveza v1.002
    Nik Software Viveza v2

    131 brush
    37 atn
    112 package plugin
    24 wedding font

    ACDSee v9.0 build 55

    e-book photography

    50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques.pdf
    Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers 2009.pdf
    digital black and white photography.pdf
    Digital Photography Expert Techniques.pdf
    Lighting the Nude - Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets.pdf
    The Elements of Photography.pdf
    fundamental of photography.pdf

    Untuk pemesanan sms atau call 085730802195 (SARIE)
    untuk stock dibatasi 10 stock saja
    coz penuh2in hardisk
    Untuk pembayaran dapat dilakukan secara transfer ke rekening
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