E1070m unlocking NEED HELP!! pls..!!

Discussion in 'Samsung Legacy' started by jrzsm23, May 15, 2010.

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    hi all, i need help unlock a samsung e1070m, i was able to unlock it before using E2P reset then resetting code to 00000000. was able to use it a bit, but yesterday, i tried to insert another sim to it, but got a "network lock", so i entered what i THOUGHT should have been the code that i reset to...00000000...but then got "phone freeze"

    im trying to go through E2P reset again, and i can reset it with no problems, when it comes to resetting the code, i keep getting a message that says, "no lock code in SIM" so, i cant reset the code to use for *7465625*638*--------*---------, and i cant unlock my phone.

    I NEED HELP! PLEASE!! what can i do???

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