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    Here I will make a discription of our new tool.

    So what you can do with new editor:
    - edit exissting languages in a phone
    - can remove language from phone
    - can add new langusge to phone
    - automatic translate via dictionary
    - create your own dictionary
    - can save your own project
    - supported all MTK based phones
    - easy in use

    How to add new language to phone.
    For example I am using Narnia I-70 phone.

    1. We need to make back up from our phone first before using soft. In the case if something will be wrong you can always restore you phone back using your back up.
    Run Chinese cocktail tool ( latest version always ). Connect phone to special socket.
    Press "Connect" botton and press power on botton on phone.
    See attach:
    ( always check if info readed from phone is correct and full )

    Go to backup/restore bookmark
    And press "backup all flash" botton.
    Now you have time a little untill backup will be readed.

    So now you have working back up from you phone. Save it please.

    2. Now we need to close Chinese cocktail tool and need to open new tool: MTK_LPEditor ( always use latest version. )

    See attach:
    Now we need to open firmware for phone which we like to edit.

    IMPORTANT: NOT a BACKUP file! We need to open a firmware for our phone. All firmwares you can find at support area. You must be sure that you are using correct flash file for you phone. In my case I have Narnia I-70 phone - so I have to go to support area and download this firmware from support.

    In the case if you have new model or new firmware version - you need to send your backup files readed before to: support@multi-box.net for upgrade.

    Our next step we need to open firmware for our phone. Press "new project" botton and select our flash file.
    You will see next:
    - How many lang inside firmware ( in our case 3 )
    So now we need to add new language ( russian for example I used )

    We need to press "add language botton"
    In empty field we need feel them like I did
    Next step we need remove 1 or 2 languages which we don't need.

    IMPORTANT: If you adding new language you need always remove one of existing which you dont need!

    Press "remove language" botton and select which one you don't need. In my case I removed all chinese langs.
    So now we have only 2 langs. English and russian.

    Next our step.
    Select English lang in left menu ( is easy to use english for translating to other lang in our case to russian ) - now you can manage right side and you can translate your self it your self.
    See attach:

    In the case if you have dictionary you need to press botton "translate using dictionary". We have english to russian dictionary, so a pressed this botton.
    And select file:
    See attach:
    Software automaticly start looking in a firmware phrases and compare them with phrases in our dict. If software find it - it will automaticly translate to other lang ( in our case to russian )

    Now you need to check right side ( russian in our case ) if you have all phrases translated. In the case if not all are translated - you need to translate by your self the rest.

    After translating all and checking you can save your new-updated dictionary for future using.

    Next step we need to save our new language into firmware.
    Press "Upload language pack to firmware" botton.
    - first software will ask you about source file ( that mean you need choose your firmware file - same as you select at the beggining )
    - second you need to choose name for new file. In my case I write same name but with "rus" adding.

    Done. Now we have one more firmware but with English and russian only inside.

    Our next step:
    We need to run again Chinese Cocktail tool ( latest version always ).

    Than conect again your phone to box and press "connect" botton.
    Than select your new firmware ( which we make before ), press "eeprom" botton and than "update firmware".

    It will take some time untill your phone will be reflashed.
    After falshing you need disconect your phone. Reconnect battery and power on the phone.
    You have now new language!
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    thanks berat om...nice info for me;)
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    thank you .... its a great tool i think :)
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    dunlut-na dimana?

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