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    Here is an article about computer tips and tricks tutorial for beginners Windows 7

    1. How to accelerate / improve performance windows 7
    2. How to disable UAC (User Account Control) windows 7
    3. Disabling autoplay / autorun in windows 7
    4. How to Uninstall Windows Tablet PC components at 7
    5. How to turn off (disable) the automatic updates in Windows 7
    6. Change the look of Windows XP to Windows 7
    7. Download ebook tips and tricks Windows 7
    8. Speeding up menus in the display windows 7 start menu
    9. Deactivate (disable) telephony service in Windows 7
    10. Deactivate (disable) the fax service in Windows 7
    11. Prefetch and delete temporary files in windows 7
    12. Deactivate (disable) error reporting windows 7
    13. How to turn off (disable) the screen saver when watching movies
    14. Using disk cleanup to clean junk files windows 7
    15. How to view specifications installed in the computer hardware
    16. How to create a disk partition in Windows 7 (part 1)
    17. How to create a disk partition in Windows 7 (part 2)
    18. How to enlarge the size of the disk partition in Windows 7
    19. How to delete a disk partition in Windows 7
    20. How to add virtual memory to improve performance windows 7
    21. How to backup and restore registry windows 7
    22. How to put pictures (logos) itself in the system properties windows 7
    23. How to remove a user login (the password logon) screen in Windows 7
    24. Transparent feature enabled on themes in windows 7 (transparency enabled)
    25. How to remove shortcut arrow icon in Windows 7
    26. How to create a slide show windows 7 themes with his own image
    27. Windows 7 themes free download (free windows 7 themes)
    28. Tweak UI to set the setting of Windows 7

    Please try this article on a computer, hopefully can be useful and function properly on your computer.

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