BB 8320 with Prob please need help/advise

Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by philmountains, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Hi My 1st post and only been playing with this phone a couple of weeks so sorry to have newb probs
    1st problem is cannot make or recieve calls,get Call Foorwarding Conditional-Authorisation Failure.
    2nd Problem is my phone number has 15 extra numbers ?
    For the 1st problem have read thread on Faqs on this site & have checked settings in phone options all OK .
    2nd prob been into advance settings Sim Card Edit number ,highlights put nothing else ?
    Also have unlocked phone, everything on MEPD page is disabled is this correct ? top of page reads -Sim Card Security Disabled.
    is there aeasy way to find out if the phone has been blocked & if so if and this is a big if as been trying to get MML & Radio tools to work change IMEI & Pin will this solve the probs.
    Thanks in advace Phil

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