List of supported models infinity dongle

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    List of supported models:

    Haier: C300, C2000, C2010, C2030, C2040, C2076, C3000, C301, C3010, C5000, C5100, C6300
    Huawei: C2205, C2206, C2285, C2601, C2607, C2801, C2802, C2803, C2806, C2807, C2821, C2822, C2900, C2900i, C2905, C2906, C506, C5005, C5300, C5320, C5330, C5589, FWP-CT800, FWP-ETS-2205
    LG: RD 3000, 3100, 3500, 3510, 3530, 3540, 3600, 3610, 3630, 6100, 6150
    ZTE: C205, C321, C330, C335, C336, C339, C370, F280, S100, S130, S131
    Micromax: C111
    Unicare: 150, 510, C1801
    Ping: L200
    Samsung: SCH-B119, SCH-B139, SCH-B159, SCH-B189, SCH-B239, SCH-B259, SCH-B279, SCH-B309, SCH-B319, SCH-B399, SCH-B619, SCH-E159, SCH-F302, SCH-F309, SCH-F679, SCH-S189, SCH-S229, SCH-S259, SCH-S269, SCH-S279, SCH-S299, SCH-S339, SCH-X609, Rainbow-mts: S189
    New supported models coming soon...

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