Monster Pack MotoMusiQ v3 by JithinSK for E398 & E1

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    ---------------------------------------MotoMusiQ v3 by JithinSK for E398---------------------------------------------------

    Here we go again :)

    MotoMusiQ v3 42R for Phones with 07.D0 bootloader (E398 and downgraded ROKR E1)

    For the final time,I present another MP in the MotoMusiQ series. This time,its gonna be based on the R373 42R firmware which I think is the best for our E398. Though the speed of the MP is relatively slow,you will be pretty much satisfied by its sound quality,especially if you were previously on 49R :)

    I've applied all the available patches for 42R which are listed below.

    Here's what is inside :

    Firmware : R373_G_OE_30.42R
    Flex : MotoMusiQ v3
    DSP version : 623BAB00
    Language list : 0003 (English with 5 different fonts and Indonesian)

    Features :

    - All good 42R firmware
    - 6 Neat and clean skins (All DRM icons are replaced in the skin)
    - Loud and clear sounds
    - Sleek DRM enhanced by MotoSpeed
    - Multiple fonts
    - Multiple corelets (Virtual Corelet and iTunes_4.51Pro_by_POER)
    - Some Good Mp3s and wallpapers included
    - Changed system sounds

    Patches applied:

    1) Abolish control by illumination Java
    2) Access main menu everywhere by pressing menu+menu
    3) Add new simbol ± ² ³ ½ ¼ ¾
    4) Alarm-LeftSoftKey change to Edit (It still shows "exit",but is actually "edit")
    5) change date format DD/MM/YY to DD.MM.YY
    6) Auto delivery report sms 1.16 (Once you turn it ON,it'll remain untill you turn it OFF)
    7) Bluetooth availabilty time changed to 5 min
    8) Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam (If you press camera button twice,video camera will be started)
    9) Cancelation check signature java
    10) Change Display Timeout Activity
    11) Change display activity (20 sc, 40 sc, 1 minute, 2 minutes)
    12) Change ringstyle (Press menu+* to switch between "Loud" and "Vibrate" modes)
    13) Change in the order of symbols(. ? ! , @ ' - _ : ; ( ) to . , ? ! : ; ( ) - @ _ ')
    14) Complete access to the file system of the telephone (java, bluetooth, OBEX)
    15) Increase in the size of the user dictionary ITAP to 15k
    16) Java full access patch
    17) Name and time in the list of the alarm clocks
    18) Java with the cable works
    19) MP3 bitrate up to 320kbps
    20) No delete call register changing simcard
    21) Reboot on chat (Different icons for different skins :) )
    22) Reflect corelet on java (No more shortcuts for dual corelets :) )
    23) Send SMS on Phonebook leftsoftkey
    24) Redial 5seconds
    25) Store photo without menu
    26) Changed zoom (when viewing picture, the zoom change to 250% AND 200%)
    27) No sound when changing Volume
    28) Remove ID the melody of subscriber from sms (Dunno what it means :) )
    29) 42R No busy audio channels by Low Batt tone at playback and talk with increase interval between disharge tone
    30) Pseudo Playlist patch

    - 50 dialed and received call list
    - Video recording in mp4 format
    - Display goes completely blank on time out

    KEYPAD LOCK : Menu+Menu
    UNLOCK : Menu+*


    1) iTigerB by unknown
    2) Crystal Clear by Leolix
    3) MotoMusiQ by me
    4) Dark vista by me (edit of sirrico_night by Devil)
    5) Light by me (Icon sets from crystalblu by manas)
    6) Symbian s40 by Devil(Main menu translated to English by me)

    Memory info:

    Free -- 260 Kb
    Used -- 8555 Kb
    Total -- 8816 Kb

    Java midlets - None
    Corelets - Virtual Corelet English and iTunes_4.51Pro_by_POER.
    (Virtual corelet is the default corelet. To use iTunes,unload VC,goto Games and Apps,select iTunes. Wait a few seconds for the iTunes to get loaded. Now start iTunes from Multimedia menu. To unload iTunes,press 0. If you press smart key in iTunes hidden mode,you'll get the light show :) )

    Wallpapers - 16 excluding skin wallpapers
    Sounds - 16 (The "3D sound Demo" should be heard with your headphones :) )
    videos - One (The USB flash drive speedup)

    maaf cuman satu.. dan gak lengkap pula...

    DOWNLOAD: Here

    Thanks To:

    - Leolix from for the crystal clear skin
    - Devil for the symbian s40 and sirrico_night skins
    - Unknown guy for the iTigerB skin (I forgot from where I downloaded this skin,sorry bro)
    - manasmoto for the icon sets
    - Valleo for VC
    - Poer for the iTunespro
    - gayoe for the porting of patches
    - Phil aka Exploited for the mirror
    - Author of the DRM
    - Montox for the langpack
    - Anyone whom I forgot to mention
    - All my friends at M3,Motohell and MoMo..

    Support forums available at :,,

    Thank you all,
    maaf kalo misalkan Repost... cuamn pengen berbagi... :rock:
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