mx-key v3.4 revision 1.6, Update

Discussion in 'MxKey Dongle' started by deepak kumar39, Nov 21, 2010.

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    v3.4 revision 1.6, Public-Release
    - NK
    Added, Certificate Reset function
    Allows user reset NPC/CCC/HWC/VARIANT.
    Panel located to [IMEI & Security->IMEI rebuild]
    Added, ALS calibration function.
    Page located to [Phone Test->ALS Cal]
    Added, Provider info on Multilocked phones
    Added, Phone timers edit.
    Allows users to edit life timers, read calls received, calls dialed, last call and calls all
    Updated providers.ini based on Annex to ITU OB 958-E (No. 958 – 15.VI.2010).
    Make SIMLOCK RPL selected by default
    Repair SD button moved to PM Tab
    Reset NPC button removed as no longer needed(replaced by Certificate Reset)
    - ALC
    Larger font for PID list as requested by user.
    Added module) to the main setup.
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    makasih bos infonya...ijin sedot
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