help unlock bb5 N5800d with mxkey

Discussion in 'BB5' started by wasikin, Dec 27, 2010.

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    tolooooooong,,,,,,,,para master tolong step by step nya unlock BB5 agi ngadreng kiyeh
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    How to unlock Nokia BB5 SL3 with MXKEY (step by step):

    1. Identify phones with "Scan Phone" (as usuall) to see if it is SL3 phone.

    2. Go to "IMEI & Security" tab and select"Online Logger"

    3. Click "Login", and if your card is activated SL3 Unlock panel will be visible.

    4. Click "Read Phones IDs" to prepare the data which is needed for bruteforce task
    (this will also identify is phone is supported or not),
    new file {IMEI}.sha will be created at folder "{MOBILEEX}\data\SL3\"

    5. Click "Start Bruteforcer" and select {IMEI}.sha file.
    Random Salt is checked by default which mean the task will using random data
    to make bruteforce instead of using normal sequence.

    6. After some time and the bruteforcer task completed, it will create file {IMEI}.cod
    to the same folder as {IMEI}.sha file

    7. Then go back to main exe, and do "Calculate Codes" to get the unlock codes,
    unlock code will be saved as {IMEI}_SP_CODES.txt.
    Tick "Send to the phone" to directly send the codes to the phone.

    8. Task is done and the phone was unlocked, enjoy !

    dari MxKey Forum. dicoba aja gan moga membantu

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