Requst to all RX/TX finder user

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    Dear RX/TX finder uesrs

    when u done any mobile after read rx/tx of any mobile

    then plz post here log including cable name that is manation on cable like L3A,L4A,L5A/L10A,L10B etc
    including complete detial of mobile model

    we will add that phone pin out in next exe then all other ppl know box work with who many model ,

    if u done on any cdma or other brand mobile then also this thing help to other for knwo it

    exmp log :
    please keep pressing power key. until Rx/Tx find success!(press F4 break.)
    MTK pins status Read success!
    find and analyse pin out ->..
    MTKchips connect to phone.
    Find Rx/Tx success!RXD:6, TXD:5
    please return 'make cable' page,press 'make cable' button

    then cable name Lxxx ( that u use )

    then model with detial ( if not chinses then manation cdma or iphone)

    plz only post log here , no any Qustion or any other talk

    thx for care it
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