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    Autorun Virus Remover proaktif menggunakan teknologi untuk secara permanen menghapus virus autorun & autorun.inf,
    juga dapat memblokir setiap autorun / autorun.inf virus mencoba menginfeksi sistem melalui USB drive
    (flashdisk, harddisk eksternal, iPod, dll). Yang perlu Anda lakukan hanya mengklik tombol scan Autorun Virus Remover.

    Features :
    1. Permanently remove autorun virus in your system and USB drives
    2. Prevent autorun virus infecting computer from USB drives.
    3. Prevent data leak via USB storage devices
    4. The best solution to protect offline computer
    5. Compatible with other antiviruses
    6. Support all kinds of external removable media
    * Pen drives
    * USB sticks
    * USB Flash cards
    * USB MP3 players
    * USB Audio players
    * External hard drives
    * Pocket PCs
    * Mobile phones
    * iPod's and iPhone's
    * Other USB mass storage enabled devices

    Pass RAR : pakalawiren45

    DONT FORGET TO PRESS THANKS...:peace::peace::peace::peace:

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