Cyclone Box Installer v1.12 Released

Discussion in 'Cyclonebox' started by black monster, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Cyclone Box Installer v1.12 Released Hi, new installer is ready.

    Installer v1.12
    - Firmware v1.55 introduced - RAP4 CMT Booting (Wrong first char) fixed
    - Added SP unlock via server / log2cod reading
    - Added standalone SX4 auth
    - Added standalone Superdongle Keys Repair
    - Supported phones:
    - RAPU Based: 5630, 6260s, 6700c, 6700s, 6710n, 6720c, 6730, 6750, E52, E55, E72
    - RAP4 Based: 3710, 5330, 7230, 6303i, X3
    - Minor changes and bugfixes

    Download Link:

    In case of RAP4 mobiles make sure you are using cables with:
    1) *******ted MBUS line 2) Digital ground connectet to analog 3) most possible short, without adapter

    Else - you will get booting problems.

    Best Regards,
    Cyclone Team
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    Cara instalnya gmn pak bosku semua saya masih pake v1.10 cyclone bisa jalan, tp kalo sy install ver 1.12 cyclone kedetek pas install tp kalo di jalankan cyclone sistem menunjukn tidak membaca security dan box initial failed terus,tp kalo sy instal lagi versi 1.10 cyclone kembali normal.mohon masukanya bosku...

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