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    We have prepared for you a new application for Samsung BCM2133 platform based phones. It is a proof of concept so when I see you happy I will add there more phones. Here is more info about it:

    * Initial release, preview only
    * Parallel phone operations are possible
    * Support for the BCM2133 phone platform (S5230)
    * Flash BCM2133 phone firmware
    * Repair damaged BCM2133 boot sector
    * Backup BCM2133 calibration data and security zone
    * Restore BCM2133 calibration data
    * The following boxes are supported: Fighter, Cruiser, UC10, UC20, Furious Gold, Infinity, Rocker, Vygis, Z3X
    * Prolific PL2303 and Silicon Labs CP210x based cables are supported

    All listed operations are for FREE, all you need is to have an Omnius server account

    If you want to perform flashing, you can use any original samsung flash files - unencrypted ones. It is

    link :
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    404 erroor gan...

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