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    02/05/11 : UCT Box v3.01 - SPD 8800H, MTK 6515, MStar 8530, Fusion v1.70, Fw v1.55
    --------=========UCT Box Major Update v3.01=========-----------

    New Version 3.01 has been released for UCT Box. Includes UCT Fusion v1.70 & UCT Box Firmware Upgrade v1.55
    Please download it from official support area at
    Make sure to uninstall all previous versions before installing it.

    New in UCT Setup v3.01:

    [SPD] SC8800H/S NAND USB Mode Supported (Read / Write Flash, Unlock, Etc.)
    [SPD] Read Project Version in NOR Mode
    [SPD] Fix CPU SC8800H/S Pinfinding Bug
    [MTK] Fix many MTK IMEI repair bugs
    [MTK} Unlock method improved
    [MTK] Added New MTK CPU MT6516 (Read NAND Flash)
    [MStar] Added New boot for MStar CPU 8530, 8535x, 8533
    [MStar] Fixed a crash during USB device enumeration
    [INF] Improved and Fixed Infineon 7880 Flash Bug
    [UI] Some tiny bug fixes
    [Fw] New UCT Box Firmware Upgrade v1.55
    [Fusion] Fixed SpreadTrum PinFinding Bugs v1.70 Beta

    LINK - Universal China Tool/UCT_Setup_v3.01.exe
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