JUAL Xperia Direct Unlock Server… An Other world first powered by JICTech

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    Numpang jualan mas Djaowier

    1 HP @Rp 350.000,-
    YM: jnephone
    SMS : 085325714050
    BUKA jam 09.00 - 15.00 WITA
    Email: admin@jnephone.com
    MINGGU tutup, libur buat kerja bakti kampung ...
    Proses login diberikan terhitung 1 x 24 jam, sejak konfirmasi transferan

    Software silakan download di http://www.x10unlocked.com/
    1 x Unlock, seharga diatas,
    Proses Unlock melalui server,
    Tidak perlu dibawa ke tempat kami,
    Proses Unlock dilakukan oleh Anda,
    Handphone tetap ditangan Teknisi,


    Please make sure:

    • Your X10i is not running ANDROID V1.6 (if it is please update your phone before unlocking, do not attempt to unlock V1.6)
    • Your X10 is running Android 2.1 (as of yet Andorid 2.3 is unreleased, so no way to include)
    • You have a Standard non modified Kernal on your phone (you have not flashed custom firmware to your X10)
    • You must have internet connection
    Supported Operating Systems

    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista 32 bit
    • Windows Vista 64 bit
    • Windows 7 32 bit
    • Windows 7 64 bit
    Please note there is no MAC OS client or support, or support for running a virtual / parallel machine to use this software.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
    Q - Is it a permanent unlock
    A - Yes
    Q - My X10 unlock counter is blocked (from entering an incorrect unlock code too many times)
    A - No problem, your X10 can still be unlocked.

    Q - If I flash the phone, the phone will get relocked ?
    A - No it's a permanent unlock, not a stupid "patch" unlock solution

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