Caution on J.A.U activation

Discussion in 'UFS/N-Box/HWK' started by ratita1000, Aug 12, 2011.

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    it is called, supposedly, once 20 € for the activation of Jau.
    I call it something intentional fraud.
    Last week I instaled on my computer XP and Windows 7, and suddenly my account was blocked. Allegedly on the grounds that I had with two computers at the same time trying to access the server from him. I just instaled the program on each system.
    And because it can not expect this lie that I should have tried with two computers to get on his server. Hari tries to shrink its customer base only to create new space. I have also sent an e-mail him 2x and received no answers. to me it's not about € 20 but to deceive me on purpose. I can only warn other members for buy this activation. because you will delete the account one day just like me.

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