Minicars for iPhone, Out now!

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    Minicars Touch is the new top view racing game from Dracoders. Featuring Pixel-Art style graphics, adrenaline pumping soundtrack, and a revolutionary control system!

    Can you compete against five other computer controlled racers?

    It just wouldn’t be possible to keep up with traditional controls, but there’s something faster than regular controls...your eyes!

    Minicars Touch features a touch based control system. The car follow’s your finger, even at the highest speeds. Glide through the curves with total control!

    Since Minicars Touch is played with a top view perspective you can see the obstacles ahead of time so you can move out of the way.

    Win Gold Cups to unlock the levels, but it’s not going to be easy to find out how to beat each track.

    Race against five other cars at the same time and you can even bump into them to run them off the track.

    Use shortcuts, teleports, electric weapons, and nitro to win. Just make sure not to hit any walls or else you’ll explode!



    ✩Epic Control System

    ✩15 Awesome Tracks

    ✩Up to 6 cars racing at the same time

    ✩Nitro Power Ups

    ✩Electric Barrier

    ✩Teleports and Secret Track Elements


    Let your potential run wild with Minicars Touch and you’ll find you’re faster than you ever thought!
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    thx gan for sharing, mantap

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