MODEM CDMA Q2358C 525rb, support otomax, fm, vre, airengine dll...

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    modem cdma utk FKIOS support OTOMAX, FM, AIRENGINE, VRE DLL...

    Resseller welcome.. per 10 unit 500.000
    Resseller welcome.. per 20 unit 475.000

    Products Name: RS232 CDMA MODEM / USB
    Products Model:HT2358R
    Products Interface: RS232
    Products Module:Base on Wavecom Q2358C Module
    Products Band:Dual-band (900/1800 MHz)
    Products phone)
    Product Description:
    Industrial design
    Aluminum casing
    DB9 RS232 interface with voice function
    Based on Wavecom module Q2358C
    1. General
    CDMA 1x is the first phase of CDMA 2000 (data rate higher than IS-95, but lower than 2Mbit/s). It runs IP protocol over packet data transmission network and supports up to 308kibit/s data. It is new type of service developed from CDMA IS-95 network to provide packet data service for CDMA subscriber.
    CDMA 1x is a kind of SR1 spread spectrum system. It is compatible with IS-95(A/B). Operators can easy to upgrade the network from IS-95 to CDMA 1x system to save their investment and maintenance cost.
    Maximum CDMA 1x data transmission rate is 300Kb/s and actual operate data rate is about 100Kb/s (symmetric transmission). Provided TCP/IP protocol connections on this channel, CDMA 1x network can be applied on Internet connection and data transmission, etc...
    Note: The accessories, Including AC adapter, RS232 cable and CDMA antenna will be required, along with a CDMA UIM card to operate and use the unit.
    2. Features and Specification

    Full TIA/EIA/IS-98A Compliance
    CDMA2000 1xRTT: CDMA 2000 protocol between Mobile & Base Station
    Data transmission up to 153Kbps
    Input voltage: 5V~25VDC (9V suggestion)
    Max. Output power: 1.4W ~ 2.0W
    Current consumption: 5mA (Sleep), up to 1A (Traffic)
    Receive Frequency:
    869.04 ~ 893.37MHz (EM/EMII-800)
    1841.25 ~ 1868.75MHz (EM/EMII-1800)
    1931.25 ~ 1988.75MHz (EMII-1900)
    Transmit Frequency:
    824.04 ~ 848.97MHz (EM/EMII-800)
    1751.25 ~ 1778.75MHz (EM/EMII-1800)
    1851.25 ~ 1908.75MHz (EMII-1900)
    Dimensions: 75*50*16mm
    Weight 150g
    Working ambient temperature: -30oC to +70oC
    Plug in power supply Mini-SIM card reader Antenna connector SMA (male)
    Standard RS-232C interface
    Operating status LED


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