Tutorial Remote Komputer Lewat Twitter

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    share bro mungkin dah banyak yang tau
    lanjut ya

    1. Koneksi Internet (pastinya)
    2. Akun Twitter (saran ane sih bikin akun lgi bwt ngeremotnya)
    3. Program download : http://www.mediafire.com/?x0f0wkr6tadsk71
    4. Henpon (jika perlu)

    Cara Pembuatanya :
    1. Buat Akun twitter baru… pasti pada bisa kan
    2. Download dan Install program nya yang di atas
    Required: * Windows Installer 3.1
    * .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
    harus instal net framework 3 cari di google
    download manual aja
    3. masukin setinggan sesuai yg tadi di daftarin


    4. trus klik Sign With Twitter dan langsung login.


    5. Tungguin sampe nomer undian-nya keluar.:huahua:


    6.masukin kedalam Kolomnya trus Klik save setting


    sip jd dah :)

    selamat mencoba oia ini commands list nya

    shutdown     This command will shut down your computer after showing a warning and a wait-time of one minute.
    restart     restartsyour computer after a warning and a one minute delay
    standby     Don’t want to shutdown? Then you can make your pc go to standby mode with this command.
    hibernate     This command will hibernate your computer after showing a warning and a wait-time of one minute
    lock     This command locks your Windows pc – TweetMyPC will still continue running and answer to tweets
    logoff     Locking the account is not what you want? Try logoff to log off your Windows-Account and close all programs
    abortshutdown     You accidentally tweeted shutdown or hibernate? Don’t worry. You still can stop it by tweeting “abortshutdown” to stop it – if you are fast enough!
    physical memory     As the name says, this command will let you know the free Physical Memory of your pc
    virtual memory     Want to know the free virtual memory of your pc? Just tweet virtual memory
    os     This is one of the command which does not have much value. Tweeting “os” will make TweetMyPC to tweet about your Operating System version.
    ip     Know your pc’s internal and external IP-Address from anywhere in the world with this command
    screenshot     Want to know what is happening in your pc when you are not around? Just tweet screenshot and TweetMyPC will take a screenshot of your desktop and post it to Twitpic.
    getprocesslist     This is one of the very useful commands. On receiving this command TweetMyPC will generate a list of running programs, along with the process ID, and email it to a predefined email address.
    kill <process id>     This is used along with the above command. Once you receive the process list you can close a program using the kill command. 
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    maf saya newbe ,,, gunanya apa ya ???? :sorry:

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