htc wildfire s screen repair

Discussion in 'Android Phones & Tablet' started by manwinder, Oct 26, 2011.

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    i was repairing a friends broken screen, on the wildfire s, i got him a new touch digitizer(or whatever they are called), and i installed it, but now the entire left side of the screen is not working(its not detecting touch). when i was removing the old broken digitizer, the ribbon cable connector got damaged, sort of, it has its pins exposed (like half of them), it wouldn't work at first but then i removed the cable and pressed all the pins down, and the screen would work again but no the left side doesn't work, is it the digitizer the screen or the pins on the connector. also i am sure the digitzer doesn't have to be touching the screen to work(i think), so its probably the pins, there is like 2 pins that aren't touching the digitizer ribbon cable connector

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