Blackberry spy phone generator software

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    Generator Software sadap Hp Blackberry
    Sangat cocok untuk toko Hp dan Reseller
    Bisa menciptakan mesin uang dengan ribuan software sadap hp Blackberry


    Spy Blackberry Features & Suite Overview

    Spyphone - Listen in to surrounding sounds and conversations
    Text Interception - Receive duplicate copies of all sent and received text messages
    Text Alert - Receive 'Real Time notifications of all calls made and received including the number
    Boot/SIM change - Receive Real Time notifications when the target phone is switched on and when the SIM card is changed
    Call Interception - Listen in to BOTH sides of a conversation
    Status Report - You can see which features you have activated
    Location Report - You see where is the device
    Suite Overview:
    Receive both incoming and outgoing text messages
    Dial in and listen to surrounding vicinity
    Immediate text notifications when the target phone is switched on
    Time and date stamping
    Immediate text notifications when the target phone receives an incoming call
    Text notification shows landline, mobile or international number calling in
    Immediate text notifications when the target phone dials an outgoing call
    Dial in and intercept BOTH sides of target phone conversations
    100% software solution
    Easy to install
    Covers all GSM coverage
    Change pre-defined number on SMS command
    Change stealth mode on SMS command
    No logging of forwarded texts
    No logging of pre-defined number
    Completely hidden software


    8100 Pearl
    8110 Pearl
    8120 Pearl
    8130 Pearl
    8220 Pearl Flip
    8230 Pearl Flip
    8300 Curve
    8310 Curve
    8320 Curve
    8330 Curve
    8350i Curve
    8520 Curve
    8530 Curve
    8700c Electron
    8700f Electron
    8700g Electron
    8700r Electron
    8703e Electron
    8705g Electron
    8707g Electron
    8707h Electron
    8707v Electron
    8900 Curve
    9000 Bold
    9100 Pearl
    9300 Curve
    9500 Storm
    9520 Storm 2
    9530 Storm
    9550 Storm 2
    9630 Tour
    9650 Bold
    9670 Style
    9700 Bold
    9780 Bold
    9800 Torch

    HARGA RP 17.000.000,-
    INFO : 081281006217

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