How to Downgrade your iPhone 2.0 to 1.14

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    Step 1:
    Uninstall iTunes 7.7 if you have it and restart your computer

    Step 2:
    Install iTunes 7.5, iLiberty+ & KiPhone. Make sure only iTunes is running.

    Step 3:
    Your iPhone should be in 2 states, either stuck on the “Slide to make emergency calls” screen, or you tried to restore before and it’s stuck on the new look “connect to iTunes” screen. Either way, it’s fine.
    Enter the phone in DFU mode (You must have the iPhone connected to the computer and iTunes running). To do this, hold the power & the home button down for 9 seconds.
    Why 9? Well people say 10, but it depends how slow you are at counting. Too short and it doesn’t work, too long and the apple logo appears.
    When you hit about 6/7 the screen should turn off, leave it for 2 more seconds and release the power button, STILL holding the home button. If all went well, you should NOT see an apple logo, the screen should be dead. Keep holding home until windows/Mac informs you that it’s found new hardware, OR iTunes tells you that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Remember, screen should be blank.
    If you see an apple logo, repeat the process for less time until you get it right. Took me a little time.

    Step 4:
    Shift/Option click the restore button in iTunes and select the iPhone1,1_1.1.4 firmware you downloaded.
    Fingers crossed it should restore back to 1.1.4.
    However, you WILL get an error message when restore is complete, something like (1005) or (1150) I can’t remember. That’s a good sign.

    Step 5:
    Your phone now should be “stuck” in restore mode, you should see the old type “connect to iTunes” screen.
    Close iTunes and run iLiberty+. Click the Other Tools tab and select Jump out of recovery mode.
    Keep your eye on the bottom right of the Liberty window; it should change from a flashing recovery mode, to disconnected, within about 5/10 seconds. If it does, that’s a good sign. If it doesn’t, you may need to hard reset the iPhone (holding power and home until screen goes off) and try again.
    Once it kicks it out of recovery mode you should see the slide for emergency calls screen on 1.1.4.
    After investigation, we realized, you don’t need to kick the phone out of recovery mode to use KiPhone. So you can skip this step altogether.

    Step 6:
    This is crucial and here’s a little back-story.
    When you updated to 2.0, what a lot of people didn’t realize, me included, is that it includes a new baseband file. This is the file which allows your iPhone to make/receive calls, text’s etc. This is what caused me hours and hours of trouble as I couldn’t figure out a way to erase it. The answer was sent to me on another forum and that is,
    Now here’s the problem. This guide is what I did up to this point, but what I then went on to do was to jailbreak the iPhone, Google some more and then I found I needed KiPhone.
    You shouldn’t need to jailbreak it to run KiPhone but if it fails to work, try it.
    Run KiPhone and select downgrade baseband and debug boot. Hit start and your iPhone should restart and you should see lines of scrolling txt. It took a while, 5 minutes or so. (The only way I know of seeing if it worked instantly was by jailbreaking it first, that choice is up to you). Once done you will need to restore the iPhone one more time to 1.1.4 using iTunes. Shift clicking restore should do it, no need to put into recovery mode. (Why do you need to restore again? If you just jailbreak after downgrading the baseband, you can receive calls but not make any, only send texts but not receive any).
    The test if it works is when restore is done; it should give you NO errors.
    *If for some reason KiPhone crashes out, restore the 1.1.4 firmware again. I found this problem too but a restore fixed the errors. But failing that, and if you cant be bothered, try simply restarting your computer. Solved it for some people.

    Step 7:
    Using iLiberty+, select the extra repro’s using the advanced menu. This will give you further options like installing or reallocating ringtones etc.

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