Test HTI Ijo Flashing 1280 xgold mxkey 3.5 rev 1.9

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    Backup saved to "C:\mobileEx\3.5\data\backup\XGOLD_RM-647_70F8D499DE7984323_IMEI.back"
    MXKEY [MxKey Team HTI Flasher Interface (WinUSB) 0], SN: C0xxxxxx
    Using device: HTI, FW ver: 00.50, SN: xxxxxxxx
    Connection status: UHCI:HUB:USB 2.00 (Full-speed)
    Driver: WinUSB, ver: , NTMP ver: 6.1.7601.17514
    Module ver:, Library ver:
    Device synchronized.
    CPU: XGOLD 110
    Using embedded SBL from MCU.
    Sending EBL Loader ...OK
    Sending EBL ...OK
    Getting EBL Version ...
    Boot mode: 0xCC
    EBL version major/minor: 10.19
    EBL version: Default_RAM_Bootloader
    Set baud rate to: 921.60 Kbit/s
    Flash ID: 00EC 2254 - 23280002 [Samsung K8S6415ETC,64 Mbits]
    CFI information:
    Flash settings: 0/1, size: 0x00800000
    2 Block regions:
    127 x 0x00010000 = 0x007F0000
    8 x 0x00002000 = 0x00010000
    EBL ready !
    Processing file: rm647_006.200
    Downloading item CODE:hw_b2_rm647_r06.200.fls, num block: 3, size: 3.99 MB
    Erasing area 0x00800000-0x00A0FFFE ...OK
    Programming completed in 39.234 s
    Erasing area 0x00C60000-0x00E4D5BE ...OK
    Programming completed in 36.922 s
    Erasing area 0x00FFC000-0x00FFC03E ...OK
    Programming completed in 0.164 s
    Checksum verified (0x2602)
    Processing file: rm647_006.20me
    Downloading item CUST:hw_b2_rm647_006.20me.fls, num block: 1, size: 1.12 MB
    Erasing area 0x00210000-0x0032CBBE ...OK
    Programming completed in 21.371 s
    Checksum verified (0x8688)
    Processing file: rm6470_nai06.20me
    Downloading item CUST:hw_b2_rm6470_nai06.20me.fls, num block: 1, size: 305.83 KB
    Erasing area 0x00EB0000-0x00EFBA3E ...OK
    Programming completed in 5.746 s
    Checksum verified (0x32C1)
    Total time for flashing process(boot+erase+write) was 2 min 23.157 s

    Phone type: RM-647
    Software version: V 06.20 01-12-10 RM-647 (c) Nokia
    Imei plain: 35431004xxxxxx-7
    Product code: 0592239
    Cellular system: GSM
    ASIC ID: 0x2292, type: 11
    Ppm Id: ME
    Language Pack:
    English,Bahasa Ind,,Chinese S,Chinese T

    Imei net: 35431004xxxxxx
    Provider: GSM Test Operator
    Counter: 0/3, 0/10

    CONFIG_DATA: 0010100000000000
    PROFILE_BITS: 0000000000030002

    BLOCK1: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK2: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK3: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK4: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK5: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK6: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN
    BLOCK7: 1=OPEN, 2=OPEN, 3=OPEN, 4=OPEN, 5=OPEN

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