N8 cina via MCNpro

Discussion in 'Chinese Phone' started by yanto cool, Apr 18, 2012.

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    N8 cina di format pake MCNpro gagal terus,discan ok,waktu format kira2 20% berhenti,..MTK Chipset CPU: MT6235.GND:5,RXD:4,TXD:3,BOOT:1
    [G:1 5 R:4 T:3] Apply to Box
    Press and Holding Power button now !

    Phone detected, wait..
    CPU: 6235 Ver: 8C00 SW:8A01
    Initialize Boot7 ...
    Boot ERR:633
    Please select a lower baudrate

    boot1 sampai boot7 hsil sama kira2 apanya
    mohon solusinya buat agan2 smua

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