2700c contac service help...

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    Phone type: RM-561 (Nokia 2700 classic)
    SW version: V 09.98 06-09-10 RM-561 (c) Nokia
    Imei plain: 35419203094021-4
    Product code: 0593748
    Battery voltage: 4535 mV, current: 20 mA
    Language Pack:
    - not available.

    SLPA ver[1]: PA_SL (15 digit NCK)
    Camera config: NIMMIIIIRRFF094B2F01, ver: XXX.XXX
    warning: DCC corrupted !

    SIMLOCK invalid!
    SUPERDONGLE_KEY[MX] seems to be valid
    SIMLOCK_TEST failed!
    SECURITY_TEST failed!

    SIMLOCK_DATA corrupted!
    SIMLOCK_DATA corrupted!

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