FREE Cycator Released for Cyclone Box Users

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    What is Cycator?
    This is software intended exclusivly for Cyclone Box Users which are also Hardware repair engineers.

    Where from download?
    Use Germany Server, it's in 'Cycator' Directory. Use WinRar for unpacking.

    How to work with Cycator?
    1. Launch Cycator Software.
    2. Select Product (we will post list tomorrow, for example Tube is 5800Xm, Picollo is 6300, Picollino is 5130xm, etc). Current revision (11062012) support 69 products and PCB versions.
    3. Now you can either select component from list:

    and so on... and selected component will be shown on phone PCB.

    second option is to write in combobox needed component number (i.e. R1400), or just Nokia Part Number.

    Another option is just to point a component by mouse and on bottom-left you will see an exact component name

    How it looks?

    If the users will be happy, we will be constantly updating Cycator database.

    Some codes, rest will be updated tomorrow:

    FATE - Nokia 500
    ALVIN - Nokia RM-559 X6 32gv
    SIMON - Nokia Rm-561 2700c
    THEODORE - RM-563
    HELEN - Nokia 701
    KENZO - 5530 xm
    SOFIE - E63
    VASCO - N8
    ZETA - Nk 700
    TUBE - 5800

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