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    [SIZE=+1]Nec Smart Tool[/SIZE]


    -Russian for: E228, E338, E313, E616, E616V
    -New and very simple interface
    -Comfortable choice of models
    -Show of information about a necessary cable (*)
    -Single-file flashes
    -Working with COM and USB cables
    -Automatic determination of tuning
    -Load of news from a server about updates versions and plans

    Additional properties:
    E228 COM-Direct Unlock
    E338 /616 NEW COM-Direct Unlock + IMEI
    E313 COM-Direct Unlock IMEI
    E616 COM-Direct Unlock IMEI
    E616V COM-Direct Unlock IMEI
    E338 V4 Direct Unlock
    N400i USB Codes Read
    E525 USB Codes Read
    N223i USB Codes Read
    N401i USB Codes Read
    N331i USB Codes Read
    E616 USB Codes Read
    E616V/E228/E313 USB Codes Read
    E342 / E343 / E121 / E102 Codes Calc
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