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    Device connected: nmwcdc\Nokia X6-00 USB Phonet, PORT_ID: 12FA9A7C
    Verifying communication to device OK.

    Phone type: RM-559 (Nokia X6-00)
    SW version: V ICPR72_11w16.1 28-07-11 RM-559 (c) Nokia
    ApeCoreSw: V 40.0.002
    Imei plain: 12345610654321-?
    Product code: 0589448
    Battery voltage: 3700 mV, current: 320 mA
    Language Pack:
    - not available.

    SLPA ver[4]: PA_SL3/PA_SIMLOC30 (15 digit NCK)
    warning: avoid SW Downgrade & manual erase to this phone !

    SIMLOCK invalid!
    SUPERDONGLE_KEY seems to be valid
    CMLA_KEY seems to be valid
    WMDRM_PD seems to be valid
    SIMLOCK_TEST passed
    SECURITY_TEST failed!

    Phone version(40.0.002) outdated, selected version is: 40.0.2
    Imei plain is invalid !!!
    SIMLOCK_DATA corrupted!
    SIMLOCK_DATA corrupted!

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