Fix Bold 9000 : speaker volume small listening

Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by vominh, Jul 15, 2012.

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    [TD] loangoai9000fix.

    There is a simple way to overcome 100%
    Causes error: not pressed tight plastic cover should contact the speakers are not good.
    Preparation: A small tovit, soldering small key or a sharp punch (If the punch tip, there must be candles lit to heat the puncher that is available)
    Have you looked up the figure, the cross marking where you need to consider, which is the location of the speaker Bold
    In the red dot is where it should be handled, how do the following:
    You use the key pressed gently at the location marked in red dots on the picture, can just turn the music up just pressed down to listen, to the loud speaker at the most, so keep your hands, use the soldering point to two plastic buttons next to the red dot, the purpose is for 2 key lock plastic cover that does not loose out. (Do the same thing with using sharp awl, awl tip heated by candles and put into two plastic dots 2 sides).
    Hand finished and then drop out, you will see results!
    Surely this error will not appear if you manipulate the good, the plastic flow are witty cover down tightly

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