Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 Beta2

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    Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 Beta2

    Main features:

    • * Live Wallpaper Support
      * HoneyComb styled launcher, framework and icons
      * Extreme WM8650 compatibility (170 models +!)
      * Run CHANGER to make the ROM compatible with your device using Windows
      * Customizable ROM, make it more LITE for example, type X to see all options
      * Rooted
      * Full Flash Player 10.1 (not the evaluation version anymore)
      * Audio Boosted
      * RAM Boosted
      * Memory cleaning boosted
      * Memory read/write boosted
      * Lite version, stripped away many apps
      * Tries to support as many languages as possible
      * Real working Google Play Store
      * Faster boot than previous Uberoid
      * Higher performance than previous builts

    v12 Beta2:

    • * added OSX CHANGER (TEST VERSiON!, feedback please!)
      * attempt to fix all the gsensor calibration issues
      * fixed the angry birds incompatible problem
      * memory is set to 212 instead 224 (resolving artifacts one some models)
      * added CHANGER.SH script done by GIVAS
      * updated CHANGER.SH with 85 new models
      * added Polaroid MPC1000 model by ohwzo.nl
      * added another Tablet Phone model wms8153_7inch_2g by WRaven
      * created default uboot_env recovery procedure on flash
      * mod services jar texts to be dark grey
      * fixed ezdy9.7" uboot env thanks to Blaze
      * smaller clock text on the statusbar
      * added Robotop's ebin2etxt tool for bad flash recovery using the changer
      * added a new procedure to the changer to use Robotop's ebin2etxt and
      automatically make directory with the backup
      * cleared up packages (no more 0byte apps in the list)
      * fixed Solid Explorer problem

    v12 Beta:

    • * fixed launcher iconsize from 70 to 48
      * phone support upgraded to v5
      * added a lot of new models
      * solid explorer 1.2.3
      * removed file expert
      * various model compatiblity fixes


    • * Check the HoneyComb Theme's launcher icons


    Since v12b2 Uberoid default dumps your original env_uboot before it flashes on your device. When a first flash went wrong, you can recover your tablet most probably using this env_uboot file, it's basically a file that configs your tablet's hardware for Android. Use Dia_Betu's WMT_Editor or HcH's CHANGER that uses Robotop's ebin2txt from to read the backupfile SD:\ENV.BIN and convert it into a readable file.

    * After you have flashed, and something went wrong, insert the SD from the firmware installation back into the PC, start CHANGER, enter 'REC'<enter> and the original env_uboot file will be dumped to a directory: "Backup_date_time"
    * You can choose to reflash your tablet AT YOUR OWN RISK using this generated backupfile, this backupfile is automatically written to SD:\FirmwareInstall\env\env_uboot after you have started the 'REC' command in the CHANGER.
    * Open the Backup_date_time\env_uboot if you have problems with hardware after a flash, no touchscreen or no sound for example. If needed, connect a keyboard / mouse and input using a terminal emulator to corresponding values from the original env_uboot file from the "Backup_date_time" directory like this: su, wmtenv set "VALUE", after you've done you modifications, reboot and most probably the issues are resolved.
    * If you have bootloops/bootanimation loops you use this file also to recover

    FAQ#1: HowTo Flash a unknown or unlisted tablet model:
    Before installing the ROM on a unknown / unlisted tablet model I recommend using UberoidTool by Dia Betu.

    Step 1. Start UBEROIDTOOL.exe, prepare your SD Card to make a backup of your tablet environment settings. After selection of SD Card you have the option to format or not selected SD. On the "Prepare" step, the application copies a a backupscript to the SD card.
    Step 2. Turn off your tablet and insert the SD.
    Step 3. Power on the tablet ! Wait to see the script running!
    Step 4. After 3 is done, remove the SD and insert it back into your pc.
    Step 5. Save the backup folder into safe location.
    On "Transfer" the application copy the Uberoid into SD Card with your original
    tablet settings!

    FAQ#2: HowTo flash the ROM normal, if you know your model:
    From a temporary location / hard disk:
    1. Extract archive to your local PC in a temporary location
    2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
    3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your this temporary directory and see what models
    there are. * type "FIND" <enter> to search for a model.
    4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter>
    5. CHANGER will ask you to copy to SD, press "Y" <enter>
    6. Enter the drive letter of your SD as listed on the SDTOOL
    7. Turn off your tablet
    8. Insert SD
    9. Turn on your tablet
    10. Follow on screen instructions
    11. Enjoy a better tablet

    Direct extraction to SD card:
    1. Extract archive to SD CARD (so a directory SD:\FirmwareInstall is present and the file wmt_scriptcmd in the sd root)
    2. Try to identify your tablet model (M009s/M003s/M012s/etc.)
    3. Run CHANGER.BAT from your SD root and see what models there are
    4. Put in the number of your model and press <enter> (do not copy to SD)
    5. Turn off your tablet
    6. Insert SD
    7. Turn on your tablet
    8. Follow instruction
    9. Enjoy a better tablet

    FAQ#3: HowTo Fix market cache problem, not all apps (like Google's) can be found:
    1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
    2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
    3. Press "Market"
    4. Press "Clear cache" (do not clear data)
    5. Press "Force stop"
    6. Return to "Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running"
    7. Press "Google Services Framework"
    8. Press "Clear Data"
    9. Press "Force Stop"
    10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
    11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
    12. Test the access, search Skype on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google's apps like maps / streetview / docs and skype

    FAQ#4: I have a no camera or a yellow screen when using the camera option and my tablet crashes on hibernation.
    * You'll need to open the CHANGER.BAT and see which uzImage (kernel) your model uses, there are bascially 2 kernels, for green and for blue led devices, if your device has problems with e.g. the green kernel use the uzImage_blue as uzImage file on your next flash.

    FAQ#5: I have no WLAN, keeps saying Unable to scan for networks.
    * Use option 'RT3070' in changer, or any other WLAN related option filed under "x" for extra options in the CHANGER. These will most likely fix your wlan problem, these patches/settings can be used with any model.

    FAQ#6: I get a "Force close" on the G-Sensor Calibration.
    * setenv wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1 should be changed to setenv wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0
    or using connectbot or terminal emulator:
    1. su <enter> <allow>
    2. wmtenv set wmt.io.gsensor 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:0:0:0 <enter> (or 1:3:4:0:1:1:-1:2:-1:-94:0:0 , currently known for 9.7" devices)
    3. reboot


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    Thank dah di share,kayana yg ini lbh ribet bertahan di v11 dlu dah
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    Thanks.but,i use this file for Epad...,and the result camera stuck or hank,and touchscreen no function.overall is ok.
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    ini bisa jalan ga ya kalo downgrade?ane punya tablet yg stock rom'a ICS....tapi pengen diturunin ke gingerbread???

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