unlock done samsung t359 qcdi info by hwk

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    unlock done by hwk
    samsung t359

    1 mobile on normal mode
    2- type *#782872#
    3- then insart micro usb (v8 or nokia 5130 cable c101)
    4- pc ask driver install all driver (samsung qualcomm usb driver)
    5-open hwk ,select model
    6-press mobile info
    7-Once info about mobile is read, remove battery and USB cable
    8-untick QUALCOMM MODE
    9- wait a minute and then Press "QCDI Info" button, after pressing "QCDI info" connect RJ45 cable to the phone (don't connect it before pressing "QCDI info" button)
    and wait. After a short time, you will se unlock codes for your phone.


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