Port80 Software ServerMask v3.0.2 for IIS

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    ServerMask for IIS modifies your Web server's "fingerprint" by removing unnecessary HTTP response data, modifying cookie values, removing the need to serve file extensions, and adjusting other response information to obscure the identity of your server. Successful anti-reconnaissance confuses hackers and makes it more likely they try the wrong exploits first so they can be easily snared by your current firewall and intrusion detection systems.

    ServerMask for IIS provides the HTTP side of online camouflage to augment the network and server armor provided by firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and the ServerMask ip100 and IP1000 security appliances. Already used by thousands of customers around the world including financial institutions, governments, and corporations concerned with security best practices, ServerMask provides important stealth components that are part of a total defense-in-depth security strategy for Windows-based Web servers. With easy installation and configuration in minutes, secure your Microsoft IIS Web servers by downloading ServerMask for IIS today!

    Windows 2000/2003/XP



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