To use this SL3 Unlock service with mxbox

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    To use this SL3 Unlock service, you will need your self registered on our server.

    - Open SL3 Logger application

    Go to 'Online Logger' tab

    1. Register HTI to use this service
    (choose your password here !)

    - Press 'Register' button. Fill your detail CORRECTLY

    fill your registration detail, a valid email and remember your password also

    - Initial step for SL3 unlock service is done

    OK, you are now registered.

    Login .....


    Logged in..

    2. Top up HTI credit to be able to use this service

    3. Login using password chosen when registration

    after logged in, you can see your credits ammount, and current job in queue.
    'average waiting time': ETA of your code after uploaded

    NOTE for SL3 Unlock:
    SL3 Unlock is in beta stage
    Beta test resellers will be chosen.
    This resellers can chose their beta test users.
    To be a beta test user please contact your reseller.

    - Let's start the unlocking; First Step


    - Read SL3 HASH


    4. Upload Hash, select sha or log files

    5. Wait for few minutes (As displayed on waiting time)

    6. Job Status are displayed once you Upload Hash and everytime you Login
    use Login button, to check or request codes for uploaded hash(if any)

    re-login to see your unlock job

    Your code is ready ...


    !! Pay attention on mouse right click menus !!
    7. When status is "finished", right click on individual hash and select one of menus
    > use mouse right click to directly send codes to phone

    And that's it !!


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