(ask) Hapus IT Policy OS 4.22

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    TANYA DONK MASTER, bagai mana cara hapus IT Policy BB 8707 yg mentok di OS 4.22??
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    How do I wipe the Blackberry using Jl_Cmder?

    Pre-wipe Tasks

    1.Firstly, download Jl_Cmder to your pc.

    2.Make sure all your data, contacts etc are backed up or synced before proceeding! This will wipe everything off of the device.

    3.Make sure you've the latest version of both Desktop Manager and the Handheld OS installed on your pc.

    4.From the pc navigate to c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader and delete the file vendor.xml

    If you've never installed the Handheld OS before, then the vendor.xml file will not be on the pc and you can skip this step.

    5.Plug the device into the pc using the USB cord ad make sure Desktop Manager is closed.

    6.Remove the battery from the device.

    Wipe the device
    1.Wipe the device using Jl_cmder

    This may take several attempts to connect to the device, so keep trying until it connects and wipes.

    2.The device will reboot to a white screen with a '507' error.

    Install OS and restore
    1.Open Desktop Manager and select Application Loader

    2.Install the OS by following the prompts and selections.

    3.The device will reboot. It can take up to 15 mins for the first boot.

    4. Restore the previously made backup or re-sync.

    5.Install the battery back into the device and unplug from the pc.

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