How To Downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 On A4 devices

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    Step 1: Put Your device into ]DFU mode (or use the Steps below)
    Hold down power button and home button both at the same time for 10 seconds
    After the 10 seconds release the power button and still pressing on the home button for another 10 seconds
    Step 2: Extract file by double clicking on it then launch it and press “Extras”
    Step 3: Now you have to choose the “SHSH blobs” that you have saved on the Downgrade iOS 6 folder
    Step 4: Choose “Stitch”
    Step 5: Tap on IPSW and select the iOS 5.1.1 IPSW form your device.
    Step 6: If your SHSH blobs are stored on your computer so click on “Local” and select the SHSH blob for iOS 5.1.1, but if your SHSH blobs stored on Cydia, Click “Cydia” under the blobs section.
    Step 7: After selecting IPSW and blob, RedSn0w will stitch them together to create firmware file for iOS 5.1.1 that will allow you to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 and will inform you by a message
    Blob Stitching Done” then click “Ok”
    Step 8: Now go back to the welcome Redsn0w screen and click “Extra” and then ”Pwned DFU“
    Note: Your device supposed to be in DFU mode as we have done this before on Step 1
    Step 9: Now after your device finished the Pwned DFU step, open iTunes, now you should receive a message that your iPhone is in recovery mode as the screen below then click “OK“
    Step 10: Click Shift + restore on Win or option + restore on Macand select your the new firmware file that we have created Step 7 then your itunes will prepare your device for restore and then start restoring
    Note: You should see the white apple logo on your device on a black screen.
    Step 11: Take care you may face an iTunes Error -1 Do not worry its a normal message click “OK“
    Step 12: Open RedSn0w, and click Extras then Recovery fix.
    Step 13: You should put your device in into DFU mode, and the Recovery fix should run successfully if you don’t know how to put your device in DFU mode.
    Step 14: Once the Recovery fix is completed, your device will be completely restored back on iOS 5.1.1.
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    Perlu diperhatikan disini...
    untuk downgrade A4 Device dari OS 6.X ke 5.X dan seterusnya.. harus dipastikan bahwa SHSH untuk device yang mau di downgrade harus ada. jika tidak ada SHSH nya. maka tidak bisa untuk di downgrade.
    untuk mendapatkan SHSH bisa menggunakan software tinyumbrella.. silahkan search di google.
    dan untuk downgrade bisa menggunakan Redsn0w.

    cara untuk downgrade :

    1. download redsn0w 09.15.b3
    2. download firmware iphone untuk os yang akan kita inginkan.
    3. buka redsn0w laku klik extras
    4. setelah klik extras klik even more
    5. klik restore
    6. sebelum pilih IPSW pastikan device anda sudah masuk pada posisi DFU mode.
    7. klik IPSW lalu pilih OS/firmware yang anda inginkan untuk downgrade.
    8. Klik Blobs (anda bisa pilih local atau remote). saran saya, sebelumnya lebih baik gunakan tiny umbrella untuk save shs agar lebih cepat. kadang kalo pake remote blobs. suka gak connect.
    9.lalu klik next. dan tunggu sampai selesai.

    Troubleshooting :

    terkadang ketika pas mau downgrade device kita masuk recovery mode. dan untuk keluar dari recovery mode caranya :
    tekan tombol home dan power bersamaan sampai device kita mati dan keluar logo apple.

    lalu ulangi cara DFU mode lagi. dan ulangi cara2 diatas..

    semoga membantu..

    maafin kalo kata2nya agak susah dimengerti..

    Dropcall @forum djawir
    tehtarik123 @kaskus.

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