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    1. How To Check firmware Version ?
    To check the firmware version of your Blackberry simply navigate it? menu:-
    Images of firmware version

    2. How To find imei ?
    * To find imei is going to Options->Status there you will find imei number of phone.
    * The IMEI may also be found on the white sticker under the battery.
    * You can read imei by mep reader.

    3. How To Connect blackberry With Pc.?
    connect your blackberry to pc with data cable (same motorola v3 usb cable)

    4. how To update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ?

    5. how to reset blackberry password ?
    Enter wrong password 10 times your device will deletes all your device data & reset user password
    Note : If you type your BlackBerry® device password incorrectly , you might be prompted to type blackberry before you can continue.

    6. To obtain an unlock code for your BlackBerry
    You will need to know your IMEI number for your BB. Look at Options, Status. The IMEI may also be found on the white sticker under the battery (sometimes hard to read--make sure you read it right!). or need to know Vendor ID (operator)
    You can purchase the unlock code from various vendors.

    7. how to solve if i get this massage (sorry only emergency call are allowed) in call ?
    you need to remove IT policy

    8. how to remove IT policy ?
    Go to your Options : Security >> Security Options (the same page where you can enable/disable passwords) & scroll to the bottom. If there's an IT policy attached, it will be mentioned there. Remove the IT policy using these instructions , link here is the working solution how to remove IT policy tested by me many times

    9. how to get disable password option if the blackberry not thave the disable password option ?
    You need to remove IT policy to get disable password option

    10. how to solve Authorization Failure??
    Here is the solution:
    Go to Phone Options
    Select General Options
    Select Restrict My Identityt - NO
    Select Show "My Number" - YES
    You are all set.
    No more Authorization Failure sending / receiving calls and messages.

    11. What is 'data connection refused' ?
    * If you do not have a BlackBerry Data Plan then you will see this message on the main screen!
    * If you have a data plan and are seeing this message then you will need to call your service provider and have them check the provisioning on the account.

    12. why we need to delete vendor.xml file ?
    To install a OS update from a different carrier you have to delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\VENDOR.XML first.
    For example > If you are laoding a At&t OS on a At&t device, there is no need to delete vendor.xml file. thats all

    13. If My blackberry Show no service/no network how to solve ?
    a. try turning off the radio/wireless and back on
    b. some time its heppen for low battery , make sure the blackberry battery have full charge then try turning off the radio/wireless and back on
    c. try update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System
    after if you Not get network Then
    d. To Check Phone At Hardware

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