Nokia X2-02 RM-694

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    Kira2 apa yg salah di Gan.. Nokia X2-02 RM-694 matimtotal,ini lognya..
    MXKEY [MxKey Team HTI Flasher Interface (WinUSB) 3], SN: C0848DD2
    Using device: USB ROM and HTI, FW ver: 00.50, SN: 00000B8B
    Connection status: OHCI:HUB::USB 1.10 (Full-speed)
    Driver: NMWCD, ver:
    Module ver:, Library ver:
    Make sure USB cable, Battery and charger are removed from device.
    Insert USB cable, Battery back to device(make sure to have fully charged battery).
    Insert Charger or Press phone's power button(if flashing doesnt start automatically)
    Waiting for USB ROM device ...
    Device synchronized.
    CPU: XGOLD 213
    Using embedded SBL from MCU.
    Sending EBL Loader...OK
    Sending EBL ...OK
    Getting EBL Version ...
    ERROR: EBL not running. try to disable "Use embedded SBL from MCU" in config

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