E 3210 unlock with Z3X successfully!

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    E3210 unlock with Z3X successfully!



    Use B3410 cable and here is the log ,
    Selected model: E3210
    Selected com port: COM15
    Selected speed port: 921600
    Please, connect phone and press power button 3 seconds
    Phone Detected
    Phone in TAT MODE
    Phone IMEI: 35746704267264
    Phone SW: E3213KDDKE1
    Phone BT ADDR: F008-F1-C04B1C
    Phone SN: RV8B849230
    All code change to -> 00000000
    If phone lock enter code -> 00000000
    Unlock - ok
    Elapsed time: 29 second, sw ver: 3.5.0040

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