i9305 unlock tutorial with z3x

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    Here's how I proceeded :

    1. Phone must be powered on.
    2. Type *#7284# and choose Modem for both options.
    3. Type *#9090# and choose DM over uart.
    4. Reboot phone.
    5. Connect C3300K cable.
    6. Select z3x com port in port settings.
    7. Press "Unlock" button.

    procedure then don't last more than five seconds :

    Selected model: I9305
    Selected port: COM4 Z3X BOX Serial Port
    Selected port speed: 115200
    Reading phone info...
    Build: M9615ACEHWMAZD179545
    Reading security... OK
    Calculating... OK
    Writing security... OK
    Unlock done
    Done with Samsung Tool v.14.2

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