Huawei-G6603 unlock done with infinity box

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    COM22 [VCP1] selected
    module v4.13
    Action: read unlock codes
    unlock method: read codes
    Model: Huawei-G6603
    Checking data, wait...
    Phone should be Switched OFF !
    Press and HOLD Power button now !
    19200 autodetect
    Initializing [6235:8A04:8A01]...
    CPU: MT6235
    high speed boot On
    chip: 0000:0000:0003
    status: FF
    rom: 4D573031
    Connecting at 19200, wait...
    Release Power button now !
    Phone detected, wait...
    Hardware: MT6235,E04
    Date: 2000.00.00
    Version: 1.0
    Version: E5.2EU01V01.04
    Version: BYD35_09A_PMWY_HW
    82 byte(s) read
    imei: 35353704129883
    connection Ok
    189 byte(s) read
    38 byte(s) read
    Phone lock: Off
    Phone code: 1234
    177 byte(s) read
    reading data...
    972 byte(s) read
    lock[1] code: + 66267051
    lock[2] code: + default
    lock[3] code: + 1122
    lock[4] code: - default
    lock[5] code: - default
    lock[6] code: + default
    lock[7] code: + default
    if phone do not ask for a code try: *983*8284#
    if code is not accepted by phone:
    - make full flash backup for emergency case
    - flash phone with good eeprom file
    - Power-On phone without sim-card
    - Power-Off phone (do not remove battery)
    - read unlock codes
    - restore original imei
    Finished, time used: 15 sec

    try...try... try....​

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