help me unlock jaringan se wt13i

Discussion in 'Sony Ericsson' started by servis hp, Jul 6, 2013.

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    help me unlocl jaringan wt13i
    no ime:358479042676860
    minta bimbingan master2 djawir
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    short credits consumption list :
    Services OFFLINE 
    S1 v1	xx credits
    S1 v2	xx credits
    S1 OPEN AID 004	xx credits 
    CID81 A2 phones, FLASHMODE activation way	xx credits
    Services ONLINE 
    A1 phones	03 credits
    S1 OPEN	03 credits
    A2 phones, CSCA way	03 credits
    S1 v2 alternative bypass unlock/repair	01 credits
    S1 v2 alternative bypass STANDALONE activation  10 credits
    W100,W150 codes	01 credits
    You  CAN NOT unlock next phones without S1 servers:
    u1/u5/u8 aid 004,
    LoCosto,Neptune-based phones with damaged security zone,
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]LoCosto,Neptune-based phones[/COLOR] with loader [COLOR="#FF0000"]AID 004[/COLOR], 
    w100,w150 full unlock,ck13,ck15,[COLOR="#FF0000"]wt13[/COLOR],
    any SONY phone, released from 2012 year
    Bbrp WT13 bisa diunlock dg SETooL, dengan syarat sdh aktivasi n punya credit n loader AID004 saja, AID001 belum support
    Solusi lain, cari jasa unlock via imei. Contact admin forum kita :)..

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