Successful Firmware Converd Than Flash Repair Samsung S5260 with octopus box

Discussion in 'Octopus' started by Revo Support, Jul 12, 2013.

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      Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 1.2.1
    Selected firmware file:
    Please switch your phone to the download mode and connect it to a 
    To put GT-S5260 phone into download mode you have to perform the 
    following steps:
    1. Reconnect phone battery.
    2. Press and hold "Volume UP"  + "Call" + "Power"  buttons.
    Searching for a phone. Please wait...
    Found phone on COM3
    Firmware write started.
    Writing BOOT\BCMBOOT section...
    Writing BOOT\BOOT2 section...
    Writing BOOT\PATCH_DSP section...
    Writing BOOT\SYSPARM_DEP section...
    Writing BOOT\SYSPARM_IND section...
    Phone will restart now. Please don't disconnect cable!
    Writing APPS section...
    APPS section has been written successfully.
    Writing RSRC1 section...
    RSRC1 section has been written successfully.
    Writing RSRC2 section...
    RSRC2 section has been written successfully.
    Writing FactoryFS section...
    Formating FactoryFS partition...
    Formating successfully compleated
    FactoryFS section has been written successfully.
    Writing CSC section...
    CSC section has been written successfully.
    Writing SHPAPP section...
    SHPAPP section has been written successfully.
    Writing PFS section...
    PFS section has been written successfully.
    Phone will restart now
    Firmware writing successfully completed.
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