Nokia 3110c flash done with infinity best dongle

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    registered to: saeedullah_khan
    Connect phone on selected interface...
    Phone found!
    Series 40 Device detected!
    read info... - Ok
    Core : v1.67 , BB5XG FlashEngine : v5.5
    Selected FlashSettings : Manual
    Check FlashFiles, Please, wait...
    Files Set for Flashing :
    CNT : rm237__07.21.image_mea4
    Flashing phone now...
    Check files done...
    -> SWversion check skipped : Custom mode selected
    Backup CRT308 data...
    CRT308 Backup Created
    Getting product info...
    RAP_BOOT: 0901010002010000
    RAP_PUBLIC: 1110020234F97E56E52ADE154B1B25818FB1CBC0
    CMT_ROOTKEY: BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
    RAP_PAPUBKEY: C0E691EA16A7593A9BB28832D7312A39F7ED668D
    Checking CNT sector PN<>FL
    PN CNT sector : 128 kb
    ConvertImage: Processing rm237__07.21.image_mea4
    ConvertImage: Page Size is 64K, converting...
    ConvertImage: File converted
    Loader len: 253888, CHK: 129B
    ADL -> Sending loader...
    Update Server code succesfully sent to phone!
    TIME : Boot time : 00:00:02
    Reopening the connection...
    Waiting for response: 30
    Waiting for response: 29
    ADL -> [2nd] changing...
    ADL Server confirm flashmode!
    ===Flashing [CNT]===
    Erase : Processing rm237__07.21.image_mea4_128
    Found 1 areas to erase
    Erasing area 0x01520000 - 0x01FDFFFF, NOR, CMT
    Result: 0000
    TIME : Erase time : 00:01:47
    Write : Processing rm237__07.21.image_mea4_128
    Total 208 [208/0/0] blocks to write, writing...
    TIME : Write time : 00:00:09
    CNT Write done
    ADL : End flashing
    Flashing done!
    Total flash time : 00:01:56
    Reboot phone now...
    Reading Phone Info....
    Connected phone - Nokia 3110c
    Software Info: V 07.21 05-11-08 RM-237 (c) Nokia.
    IMEI: 355220035478044
    PPM version : V 07.21 05-11-08 RM-237 (c) Nokia. MEA
    Product code: 0544343
    Wait, when phone will be ready ...
    SimLock status : SimLock is Ok
    Security status : Security is Ok
    Read Info Done!
    Processing After Flash Defaults...
    FullFactorySet... Ok!
    ServiceDefaultsSet... Ok!
    LeaveDefaultsSet... Ok!
    Checking User Certificates...
    Total - 0 certs
    Uploading certificates...
    Writen 21 certs!
    Battery voltage is enough for start
    AfterFlash operations done ;D

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